Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Crazy Day

Had a crazy but really brilliant day, making paper and willow sculptures at the youth club in the outskirts of Oxford with a group of young people with learning difficulties. They were brilliant fun - the noise level at 10am had to be experienced to be believed. Two massive sound systems playing totally different music full on at the same time, whilst one young man who likes DJ'ing urged us all to get on the dance floor.... bit surreal at that time of day. In between gluing paper, tearing tape and bending willow, Jono danced to bangra music and came last in a three man bungee cord race! The kids even made their own pizzas for lunch. The whole atmosphere was really supportive. With only an hour to go someone had the idea we could make a parasol (as in the Parasol project for learning disabled young people), so it was a race against the clock to get it made by the 3pm deadline.... so glad it all came together.
Early this morning I also took some photos of Portmeadow from Wolvercote - so flat there that the sky seems really big. Will now have a go at making my first slide show of todays activities...

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firefoodie said...

love the slideshow idea. Nice bit of movement on the page. Good to see you are catching up with the postings... beats keeping a diary doesn't it.