Monday, 13 October 2008

World Mental Health Day 10/10/08

Friday was a magical sunny day for World Mental Health Day. artmummy was helping out with a small group of artist's recruited to make temporary interventions and activities for visitors and service users to enjoy.
Alun Ward's 'Transporter Mix' invited people to be imaginatively transported through sound and texture (underfoot) to the beach or forest.
Michael Harris's ' Knead Comfort' asked visitors to release the stress by working a small piece of clay to create something positive, for firing and glazing later. The finished work will be returned for display at the hospital.
Helen Jacob's 'Bookshelf' showed people how to make delicate sheets of paper which she bound into hand made books for display.
Rachel Barbaresi made an intervention, 'Betwixt & Between', using huge lengths of red fabric to entwine and connect the trees in a celebrator banner.

It was a really joyful day with lots of service users being brought off wards to take part - people were smiling all day and the weather was an unexpected gift.