Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lovely hot day

Its heavenly outside - all warm breezes and hot sunshine. So rare. Don't feel I want to be on the computer at all but some needs must - just a bit of desk work to justify the lolling outside later!
M. has just been accepted for a sculpture commission in Portugal! Very exciting - his first professional commission for a public work. And it has to be made in public over two weeks. Its a tricky one though - the acceptance has come so late, that now planning for four weeks time is really difficult. He has to get off work, and he won't go unless I can go with him, so that's a trick to rearrange my work for the beginning of September.....don't know if it can be done yet. But hope so. He's got some great ideas and I know he can do it, but he'll be so scared that he'll probably find any reason not to go. Not just art but art in a foreign language.....aaaahhhh!
Ate logo, amigos.

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firefoodie said...

Couldn't help myself either. Had to do at least one blog today.. Congrats to M.