Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Zombie cow

Phew! Busy day with client in Oxford, along with four delightful artists and one really arrogant annoying egotistical mouthy one.....there's always one as they say, and at least he has to drive about 6 hours home now so maybe there is a God and there'll be freak snow and he'll have to sleep in the car with no dinner....

Have exciting pictures to post of my lovely friends who came to stay at the weekend, also cows - the bovine variety, who are our near neighbour's. One has come out in the picture with really scary eyes, like a zombie cow lurking in the background. The camera never lies and there are no other logical explanations.

M. ill with throat infection. Its all very dull here - can't wait for him to get better. Will also post the pictures of M with a bird on his arm - quite literally, a tame jay being fed in our very own backgarden.
Adios amigos.


firefoodie said...

I don't like this one. It gives me bad dreams. Please make it go away.

sailingkaren said...

Like your website Artmummy - hope M is better now/soon! - and Happy Birfday to him - Karen